Saree Blouse

The tale of a saree and a blouse is like a partnership that stands strong over a period of time. They compliment each other and look incomplete in the absence of another. Sari is a six yards long piece of cloth which is draped in a unique fashion. A woman looks graceful in a saree. Blouse and petticoat are two other essential garments that are worn along with a saree. The blouse which mostly looks like a piece of shirt is worn inside a saree and is partly visible that partly covers the torso of a woman. Blouses have buttons and they can be either in the front or at the back. Today, sari has become a fashion statement and a lot of designers have their exclusive collection along with variety of designs of blouses.
The Indian sari is known to be sexy but a lot of credit has gone to the blouse. A blouse reveals more than it covers. It is the peak-a boo attribute of a blouse that make it so appealing and attractive. It is no more just another garment that is to be worn along with the saree. Today there are designer blouses that are given a lot of time and attention while getting made. Blouses have lots of varieties, like backless, choli, high neck, transparent and one with strings. The more revealing they are, sexier the sari looks. But of course the conventional blouse adds grace and elegance to ones persona and reflects the expression of female vanity.

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