Marriage Lehenga

Bridal attire in India or Pakistan consists of a rich trousseau. Nothing can actually match up to the opulence of an intricately designed lehenga. A marriage lehenga has crossed the borders of its place of origin and is the first choice of An Asian bride. Several haute couture designs now attract many new girls to wear it. 

A marriage lehenga should ideally be made in accordance to the body structure, height and complexion of the bride. Not all cuts suit every girl and similar all colors do not do the same magic as others do. Further, a bride can feel more comfortable in a certain fabric that in others. Especially a tight fitting lehenga should fit perfectly. All these factors are valuated before designing to create the right impact. Moreover, the, marriage lehenga is different from those made for other social occasions.

The marriage lehenga boasts of the richest of embroideries and use of finest of fabrics. Extensive embellishments are spread on the material and the choli. Embroidery work is done with gold, silver or copper zari, naquashi work, designs made by using slama, sequins, mirrors, threads, or dapka.
Tailoring of the choli is very important. It looks great when the choli matches the lehenga. The marriage lehenga looks attractive with short cholis. Since it leaves the mid riff bare, one who is not confident with the belly shape, should comfortably opt for longer cholis with appealing neck and backlines. Finally, a fine dupatta completes the impact of the marriage lehenga.

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